10 Fall Necklaces We Can't Get Enough Of

September 07, 2017

10 Fall Necklaces We Can't Get Enough Of

I can't believe fall is right around the corner. Again! It's like this happens every year or something. Gotta look into that. Anyway, I don't know about you, but I'm already daydreaming about hayrides, chunky knits, and of course, fall jewelry. One of the things I love most about jewelry is how it effortlessly transitions from season to season. Sure, you might wear more lightweight jewelry in the summer, and deeper hues in the fall, but overall, you can wear your favorite jewelry year-round. So to transition into chai latte season (because, let's face it, pumpkin spice is getting a little old), I'm sharing 10 gorgeous necklaces to complete all your fall looks.

1. Apple Cinnamon Necklace

Burgundy red statement necklace

Pair with a soft, knit top, and black leggings.

Shop: Apple Cinnamon Necklace

2. Guns n’ Roses Necklace


Pair with a lightweight, long-sleeve top, a faux-leather jacket, and jeans.

Shop: Guns n' Roses Necklace

3. Hanna Lace Choker

Pair with a black scoop-neck tee, and high waisted jeans.

Shop: Hanna Lace Choker

4. I Got You Necklace

Pair with a slouchy off-the-shoulder top, and black leggings.

Shop: I Got You Necklace Gold, Silver

5. Keira Necklace

Pair with an over-sized knit top, and black leggings.

Shop: Keira Necklace

6. Layered Bar Necklace

Pair with a soft tee, black leggings, and a floor length duster.

Shop: Layered Bar Necklace Gold, Silver

7. Simply Stated Necklace

Pair with literally anything...or a soft sweater and medium wash jeans.

Shop: Simply Stated Necklace

8. Softest Suede Choker

Pair with a sleek, sleeveless sweater dress.

Shop: Softest Suede Choker Black, Tan

9. Stardust Choker

Pair with an LBD.

Shop: Stardust Choker Gold, Gunmetal

10. Wish Necklace

Pair with a soft, long-sleeve tee, and black leggings.

Shop: Wish Necklace Gold, Silver



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