Friday Favorites 3.17.17

March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites 3.17.17

Spring is right around the corner, and we could not be more ready. I feel like winters on the East Coast are like that person you secretly hope won't show up to your party. Everyone's having a marvelous time, then 15 minutes before it ends, Winter stumbles in like a hot mess, spilling drinks, breaking glasses, and insulting your relatives. Then you go to the bathroom, come back, and she's gone, just as quickly as she came... And on that note, here are our favorite fashion accessories of the week!

1. Pineapple Cuff

I'm obsessed with our Pineapple Cuff. Honestly, I'm obsessed with anything pineapple, but this cuff is definitely at the top of my list. This cuff was made for those sun-kissed skin, drink in hand, soakin' up the sun kind of days. It's dainty, lightweight, and adjustable. Wear it on your forearm paired with a strapless black maxi dress for a sexy spring or summer look. Get our Pineapple Cuff here.

2. Pineapple Paradise Necklace (Gold, Silver)

I mean, obviously... If our Pineapple Cuff is at the top of our list, our Pineapple Paradise Necklace is a super close second. The best part about this necklace? It comes in comes in two colors, and is under $25! Get our Pineapple Paradise Necklace gold or silver.

3. Downtown Sunnies (Tortoise Shell, Creme Brulee)

Okay, I'm definitely seeing a "where the f is spring" theme here... Our Downtown Sunnies are the last item on our favorites list this week. I love these sunglasses because they're a total classic that never goes out of style. They come in tortoise shell and creme brulee (why we don't name every color after a food, I'm not sure), and are the perfect accessory to transition your wardrobe into spring. Get them online in tortoise shell or creme brulee

Short and sweet! Cheers to warm, sunny days!


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