How to Stop Jewelry from Changing Color

July 17, 2017

How to Stop Jewelry from Changing Color

When it comes to fashion jewelry, one of the top questions I get is, "will it change color?" I think so many people are used to finding cute, affordable jewelry online, only to notice the color fading within a week. Not cool. While overall jewelry quality obviously plays a huge role in whether or not your fashion jewelry will change color, the number one rule I tell people is this: take care of your fashion jewelry just like you'd take care of your fine jewelry. That doesn't mean you have to go out and buy some revolutionary new tarnish-eliminating jewelry-cleaning machine from Thailand, it just means taking simple steps to preserve the quality of your favorite accessories. So today, I'm sharing a few easy ways to keep your fashion jewelry looking good as new for as longgg as possible, so you can keep doing that work.

Okay, not gonna lie, I break this rule all the time. I always forget to takes my rings off before I wash my hands, and more than once I've left a pair of earrings on and jumped in the pool; but the key here is preservation. If you truly want to preserve the quality of your fashion jewelry, keeping it dry is a must. If your jewelry does get wet, just blot it with a dry, absorbent cloth as soon as you can, and let it air dry.

There's a time and a place for cute jewelry, and Soul Cycle ain't it. Frequent exposure to sweat and humidity is a guaranteed way to wear down your fashion jewelry, so sweat it out, hit the shower, then put on your accessories.

When it comes to putting on lotion and perfume, remember this incredibly complicated rhyme I just came up with: apply, dry, then get fly. Always apply lotion and perfume before you put on your accessories. Getting lotion or perfume directly on your jewelry can dull the shine, and break down the metal, so if you just can't get enough of your Ralph Lauren Romance, apply it directly to your skin, let it dry for a minute or two, then add your jewelry. 

If you're bleaching the kitchen, take your rings off. If you're changing your oil, ditch the bracelets. It might seem simple, but sometimes we move so fast from one thing to the next, that we forget all the steps in between. When in doubt, take your jewelry off.

After a night out, this is usually the last thing on your mind, but keeping your jewelry organized and tangle-free is an easy way to preserve the quality of your fashion jewelry. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to buy all the adorable ring dishes and jewelry stands the internet has to offer.

Last but not least, make sure those adorable ring dishes and jewelry stands are stored in a cool, dry place. High temperatures, moisture, and humidity are a recipe for breaking down metals, so to keep your fashion jewelry from changing color, make sure to store it in a cool, dry place. Not arctic-level cool, but cool.

There you go! A few easy ways to preserve the quality of your fashion jewelry, and keep your jewelry from changing color. Follow these tips, and your fashion jewelry will have a long, happy, shiny life.


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