Layered Bar Necklace

February 21, 2017

Layered Bar Necklace

We all play favorites, and that goes for fashion accessories, too. We all have those two or three accessories we can't get enough of. Maybe it's a dainty necklace, a set of stackable rings, or a pair of gorgeous statement earrings. For me, a dainty bar necklace has always been one of my favorites. That's why this week I wanted to feature one of my absolute favorite new arrivals, our Layered Bar Necklace!

If you're like me, you love effortless accessories. Especially in the morning, the less effort needed, the better. This dainty layered necklace is perfect because it makes it so easy to get the perfect layered necklace look in no time at all. Okay, maybe it'll take like 2.5 seconds, but basically no time at all.

The other awesome thing about our Layered Bar Necklace? It's always on trend. Most trends come and go, but the bar necklace is one accessory that never goes out of style (cue T. Swift). You'll rock this dainty layered necklace for seasons to come.

Ready to get layered? Shop our Layered Bar Necklaces online! Layered Bar Necklace Gold / Layered Bar Necklace Silver


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