The Ultimate Necklace Length Guide

January 05, 2017

The Ultimate Necklace Length Guide

Does this ever happen to you? You're shopping for a necklace online, you're completely in love with it, you just added it to your cart, but there aren't any pictures of the necklace on a model... *womp* You scroll down to the description, and all it says is 18" length.... You think to yourself, okay, great, but what does an 18" long necklace look like on my body? I've been there a million times, so I know you've been there, too. Actually, we've been guilty of it a few times at Dakota + Dash, but that's only because we literally cannot wait to post new arrivals. But none of that matters anyway, because this handy little necklace length chart from Postris will change ev-er-y-thing. Print it out, save it on Pinterest, and keep it handy, because you know you're gonna need it. (You're welcome.) 

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